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How to join a fleet ?

  1. Bareboat of Charter
    You can bareboat a sailboat or catamaran at your own dates and destinations. You must have the qualification to skip. Otherwise we can provide you a skipper and also a cook if desired.
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  2. Cabin Charter
    Affordable yachting regularly organise sailing vacation on large sailboats and catamarans crew by an experience skipper. We then offer cabins on an individual basis.
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  3. Charter Club
    The charter club is a friendly service to help people find sailing opportunities. Join a crew of for your own.
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There are many web sites from which to get cheaper flights. here is some we use regularly. You can also try with your favourite travel agency.

Whole seller and others.




  4. Jet Blue

  5. Air Canada

  6. TMR Holidays

  7. Voyages internet

Caribbean Companies

  1. Liat Airline

  2. Air Caraïbes


Our Destinations


New Caledonia

New Zealand


Society Island

Marquises Island)



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Available Services

  1. Bareboat Sailboat, Catamaran
  2. Charter with skipper
  3. Cabins charter
  4. Charter Club



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