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One of the many beauty...!

A dream archipelago!
When November come, do you have the winter blues? Forget November for once and join us in a paradise. The Seychelles archipelago has over 100 islands to offer which is located near the equator in the Ocean Indian EST of Africa. Like many other island, these did not escape the numerous French and English wars. English and French is widely spoken now. For more details about the Seychelles, consult there Web Site.

Seychelles' official Web Site

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The trip:

We received an excellent proposition from our usual boat suppliers. Not only do we have deals on boat but we also got great deals on air flights! It's possible to fly to Seychelles via Paris or London.

For this trip, we intend to reserve a GibSea 43 with 3 doubles cabins and a twin singles. If you have your own group, you may reserve and skip your own boat.

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Exact dates will be know later this spring. It will depend of flight availability. What we would like to organize is a 12 to 14 days trip to Seychelles at the end of November with an overlapping in December. On our way back, we propose a stop to Paris (it's only an option). The famous Paris boat show generally happen around the 5th of December. It's a giant indoor boat show. It's worth the trip…

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Note that other dates are possible and still obtain rebates on flights and charter. seychelles9.jpg (9304 octets)

There are many ways to visit the island. By foot, renting a bike, minibus or taxi, renting a car or a 4X4 or event chartering an helicopter. The choice is yours.

Don't forget the marine life, whether you snorkel or scuba dive, the reef are to be seen too.

For more info about the island, please visit this Web Site: Seychelles' Tourism's office


Joining a crew (renting a cabins)


Joining a crew (renting by the cabins)

Last time we organise that trip, we used a GibSea 43. The rate for cabins was around 100$ per person per day (3 per cabin)

Please check for new rates.

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Boat range from 30' to 60'. Barebaot rental is a fix price, for the boat regardless of the number of passenger. We deal with all serious charter companies locally and enjoy very good prices.

We often get rebate when you join a flotilla. All Bareboat charter included dinghy & outboard motor, linen, full tank of water, ice & fuel, security equipment, snorkelling device, end cleaning etc. You can reserve any time you want or follow our flottilla (see the CHARTER WITH SKIPPER for dates)

Please click here to get a firm quote on the boat of your choice.


There are many flight possibilies going through Paris and London. Some of our Charter compagnies also offer reduce price flight tickets. Check with us for prices.



Local taxi from airport to base. Count 12 Euro per person per way.

FOOD BUDGET: Food aboard is a community thing. Every body should be expected to contribute between 25 to 35 Euro per sailing days. With that budget, we can purchase food & alcoholic beverage and soda.

NOTE: As per tradition, the skipper does not contribute to the food budget. Please keep in mind that our skippers are benevolent (they are skipping for free!).

For more info or to reserve:

Affordable Yachting
(450) 444-6239


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To reserve, please contact Affordable Yachting or : (450) 444-6239


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