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Moonlight Marathon

Marathon Rallies are primarily designed to hone your skills in navigation during daylight and at night. These rallies are held during a full moon period to make this as easy as possible.

The objective of the Affordable Yachting is to organize this type of activity in all the regions served by the group. The first race was held on Lake Champlain in 1997 we hope to organize other rallies in the near future.


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Moonlight Marathon


The Marathon races on Lake Champlain are enduro races of approximately 100 nautical miles. There are two versions: the Quartet version is held in the spring: a Skipper and a maximum of three crews.

The Duo edition is held in the fall with the added difficulty in its restriction to one skipper and only one crew: a maximum of two people on board.

Entry fees

Last fall 2004, it was decided to charge $20 per crew to pay for a T-shirt for the skipper and the cocktail served at the skipper meeting. Extra T-Shirt for crew are 10$ only.

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Trophys to win:

The Canadian importer of the French crystal "J.G. Durand"has gaciously offered an enormous Champagne glass made out of 24% crystal. It is mounted on a solid Walnut base and is now a perpetual trophy to be defended at each race.


This enormous cup can hold a magnum of Champagne.

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